Neeraj Chopra scripts history again, wins silver medal for India at World Championships

खेल देश पंजाब

New Delhi: At the World Athletics Championships, India’s Neeraj Chopra finished second in the javelin throw. In the final, Neeraj Chopra won the silver medal with a throw of 88.13 m. With this Neeraj Chopra has earned the distinction of being the first male player to win a medal at the World Athletics Championships.

Neeraj started with a foul throw here and scored 82.39m in the second attempt. He was far behind in the final. After this, he came in fourth place by throwing 86.37 m in the third atempt and then in the fourth atempt he took the second place by throwing a spear 88.13 m away. Neeraj’s fifth atempt was a foul and in the last atempt, as soon as he found that he could not throw the javelin over 90 meters, he also fouled this atempt.